Our grantees

News Agency 24.kg is a private independent media outlet, which has been working in the information market of Kyrgyzstan for 14 years. It provides socio-political and socio-economic news information in three languages – Russian, Kyrgyz, and English.

From July to November 2020 Information Agency 24.KG implemented the project “Information Advocacy on Access to Information, Protection of Freedom of Speech and Mass Media, and Protection of Human Rights in Kyrgyzstan,” within the frames of the Media Dialogue grant program.  The project aimed to promote the observance of the legal rights of citizens, as well as the transparency and accountability of public authorities in Kyrgyzstan.

As a result of the information campaign, 24.kg raised awareness on the legal challenges posed by two draft legislations, such as Bill on Manipulation of Information and Amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code, as well as their impact on citizens’ rights. Moreover, a series of detailed analyses raised awareness on the need to bring the Kyrgyz legal framework in line with international obligations.

Please, check out some of the media products at the following links:  

Thirteen attempts to stifle freedom of speech in Kyrgyzstan

An attempt to restrict freedom of speech in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstanis may be deprived of their right to justice

Salam Media was founded in 2001 in the Batken region to promote human rights, ideas of tolerance, and a healthy lifestyle among the region’s population. From July 2020 to January 2021, Salam Media implemented the “Dialogue Between the Media and Local Self-Government Bodies in the Interests of Batken Region” project. The project aimed to develop the journalistic, communication and professional capacities of the mass media located in Batken oblast. Moreover, the project supported the optimization of the communication policy of local self-government bodies in 5 cities – Batken, Kadamzhai, Sulukta, Isfana, and Kyzyl-Kiya – in order to ensure their openness and transparency, and to improve citizens’ engagement in decision-making.

Within the project framework, representatives of the local municipalities improved their capacities in developing and implementing a media plan, strategic planning, cooperation with the media, and interaction with the local population through modern communication tools. Journalists improved their knowledge and skills in election coverage, legal and ethical norms, rights and obligations of journalists, and media literacy. Also, civil society representatives learned how to develop effective communication with the local municipalities and journalists.

Salam Radio released 40 media products to inform the broader public about the importance of supporting and promoting freedom of expression, high-quality journalism, access to information, and other elements of a free and democratic media environment.

Please, check out some of the media products at the following links: 

A meeting for journalists was held in Batken (video)

Mass Media and the Elections (video)

Electronic documents (webinar)

Current situation in the kindergartens (video)

TV channel TV1.kg started airing in 2014, and gradually turned into a complete television channel broadcasting all over Kyrgyzstan and Bishkek via digital TV Sanarip and IPTV. Its primary mission is to promote a secured lifestyle and fight obscurantism. From September 2020 to April 2021, TV1.kg with the support of the Media Dialogue grant program produced creative and educational contents in Kyrgyz language on topics such as gender, multiculturalism, the importance of ecology, and acquiring new skills that give an advantage in the globalization and digitalization era, such as: 

“Tustuu Tasma” – an educational TV programme in the Kyrgyz language to expand youth’s worldview and inspire them through interviews with interesting Kyrgyzstanis and reports from local events. 

“Bilimnet” – a Kyrgyz-language TV programme with the young activist and blogger Atay Samybek exploring the story of ambitious young people in fields such as robotics, application development, educational projects, startups, and many more. 

“Evening of a Difficult Day” – translations of selected TV programs of the live show, for example, interviews with Mr. Mikhail Saakashvili (ex-president of Georgia), Erica Marat (professor at the University of Washington), Taalatbek Masadykov (public figure), Shamil Ibragimov (director of the Soros Foundation).

“At Home Among Strangers” – a series of interviews with prominent expats in Kyrgyzstan led by the Kyrgyz New Zealander Brad Brenneman (businessman).

Kaktus.media is an information and entertainment portal covering events in Kyrgyzstan, in the region and worldwide. The project “Access to information from state bodies” implemented with the support of the Media Dialogue grant program sheds lights on Kyrgyz citizens’ access to information held by public bodies, identifies transparency gaps in 20 government agencies and elaborates recommendations for state agencies to improve their online portal in a more user-friendly and informative direction.

The project conducted 20 surveys on Instagram to gather citizens requests to access information, and published 22 articles and 22 videos in Kyrgyz and Russian languages with the findings.  As a result, several agencies, including the Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund, National Statistics Committee, Ministry of Agriculture, appreciated the analysis and committed to making the information to people more accessible.

Please, check out some of the media products at the following links: 

Access to the information. What are we looking for on the government website and what data is not there? (Russian version)

Access to the information. What are we looking for on the government website and what data is not there? (Kyrgyz version)

What do you want to know about education? Finding out what data is available on the website of the Ministry of Education.

The Independent Union of Journalists of the Kyrgyz Republic was established in 2016 by an initiative group of journalists and is a non-political, non-profit organization uniting more than 200 journalists of the country. The Independent Union of Journalists of the Kyrgyz Republic implemented a grant project “Monitoring the use of “hate speech” and the presence of political parties in social media in the 2020 parliamentary elections in Kyrgyzstan.” The project aimed to inform the citizens of Kyrgyzstan about the use of hate speech by political parties and candidates during the 2020 parliamentary elections through social media monitoring.

website showcasing the findings was created and a monitoring algorithm was launched, which automatically collects and analyzes campaign information and materials to identify hate speech. The key part of the algorithm is the tonal dictionary, which was developed by an expert linguist in Russian and Kyrgyz languages. To create the dictionary, the texts of more than 20,000 entries were used and processed by compiling a list of frequently used words both on websites and on social networks. Subsequently, a list of more than 10,000 words relevant to the project in both languages was developed. Another important aspect of the project was monitoring social media in two languages – Kyrgyz and Russian, which provided a comprehensive picture. 

Please, check out the article by Ben Graham Jones – a freelance consultant on elections and an expert in social media monitoring methodologies: Monitoring Online Hate Speech in the Kyrgyzstan Election

News website Kloop was founded in 2007 and is run by a team of young journalists who cover the most sensitive topics, including politics, human rights, and corruption. Kloop Media implemented the grant project “Social Media Monitoring for Fair Elections” to facilitate public understanding of hate speech and the political rhetoric in Kyrgyzstan in the run-up to the elections in 2020, and afterwards. From September to December 2020, Kloop staff has identified and analyzed dozens of accounts affiliated with political parties running in the 2020 Kyrgyz parliamentary elections. More than 2000 social media posts and 400 000 comments have been scraped and analyzed for the presence of hate speech. The analysis revealed that hate speech was present in large amounts among posts and comments by supporters of some of the presidential candidates. A unique tool was developed that allows the general public to search the scraped data of Kloop Media and tag it using different tagging systems. Early beta version of the tool is available at https://kloopmedia.github.io/TVchronoscope/#/. It requires login to be functional but is free and without any limitation for all. 

Based on the analysis of the collected data, the following analytical articles were released:

“We won’t let you breed!” How the Kyrgyz authorities poison those who disagree.

For a referendum, but against NGOs and Azattyk. We tell you about the activity of fakes and trolls.

Please, check out the article by Ben Graham Jones – a freelance consultant on elections and an expert in social media monitoring methodologies: Monitoring Online Hate Speech in the Kyrgyzstan Election

ELGEZIT.KG is an online newspaper specialized on analytical materials on current topics. With the support of the Media Dialogue grants program, Elgezit.kg implemented a project to inform vulnerable groups, including people with disabilities, about their voting rights during the 2020 parliamentary elections and amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Within this grant project, Elgezit.kg primarily conducted the monitoring, analysis, collection, and documentation of information on rights guaranteed by legislation, as well as disseminated and provided open access to the results of the analysis for broad groups of citizens, including representatives of civil society in remote regions of Kyrgyzstan. As a result, the grant project revealed many violations at polling stations, especially in remote, rural areas of the country, which did not meet the requirements of the legislation to ensure the electoral rights of persons with disabilities. Also, the information campaign drew the attention of state and regulatory bodies to the problem of ensuring electoral rights of persons with disabilities. The publications within the framework of the information campaign reached 267 978 users of social media. Besides, publications directly on the Elgezit.kg website for the reporting period had total coverage of 98,841 visitors.

Please, check out some of the media products at the following links: 

What problems will people with disabilities face when voting?

In several regions, people with disabilities will not be able to vote. Many sites are not yet equipped.

More than 500 violations of legislation on the rights and guarantees of people with disabilities were revealed in the Kyrgyz Republic in 2020.

Politklinika is an independent media outlet in Kyrgyz language, which focuses on journalistic investigations, fact-checking, data materials, expert opinions, exclusive interviews, and political debates. 

Politklinika implemented the project “Improving media literacy and verification of information in Kyrgyzstan before parliamentary elections”, which increased the media literacy of Kyrgyz speaking audience, educated voters on their rights, promoted critical thinking and independent decision making. Moreover, it debunked rumors and held political parties accountable to their statements during elections.

Politklinika monitored the factual accuracy of electoral promises by Kyrgyzstani political players in the form of TV ads, debates, speeches, interviews, and news releases. Publications were made on a weekly basis. The project’s second component was on educating the voters using data visualization, infographics, video, and interactive content. A total of 29 highly readable and reactionary materials were produced – 14 fact-checks, 2 small investigations, 8 video explanations, 5 articles.

Please, check out some of the media products at the following links: 

Information on the website of the party “Birimdik” was copied from “United Russia”

Are party logos plagiarized?

What are the rules of voting in elections?

Govori.TV is the first Internet Television in Kyrgyzstan with primarily Kyrgyz language broadcasting, as well as Russian.

With the support of the Media Dialogue grant program, Govori.TV run “Achyk Ait” (Speak Openly), a series of TV debates with participation of the representatives of the Central Election Commission, political parties, candidates for deputies, civic activists, experts, representatives of the media sector, international and local observers.  The project aimed at informing voters about the course of the electoral process and supporting pluralism of opinions, by involving all electoral stakeholders in public debates. Following the annulment of the October polls’ results, the project provided an opportunity to all electoral stakeholders, including civil society, to speak and convey their voice to the audience. 16 Achyk Ait episodes have been released from the end of September until December 2020 on important socio-economic topics and issues related to the freedom of speech and freedom of the media. It provided a platform for discussion for many people, active citizens, politicians, experts, and representatives of state bodies. The project proved sustainable, as “Govori.TV” has been producing and broadcasting Achyk Ait weekly with the news agency’s funds.

Please, check out some of the media products at the following links: 

Former and new Member of the Parliament. Who is running for Parliament?

Is it illegal to discuss constitutional reform now?

Will Form №2 affect the election results?

“Volna Issyk-Kulya” was founded in 2003 and covers most of the Issyk-Kul region on the frequencies FM 107,7 and FM 107,5. With the support of the Media Dialogue grant program, “Volna Issyk-Kulya” run the awareness raising and voter information project “Elections 2020 -Your Future is in Your Hands”. The project aimed at raising awareness of citizens about the electoral law and the electoral processes, as well as empowering citizens to make an informed choice.

From September to December 2020, Radio Station “Volna Issyk-Kulya” produced and aired 72 releases on electoral topics, including the talk show “Elections 2020″, “All about the elections”, and “You Promised”. The radio programs on electoral topics were especially popular, as they were available in the video format and the Radio team is planning to continue offering content in the video format. All the content was provided both in Kyrgyz and Russian languages. According to the online survey conducted by the Radio Volna Issyk-Kulya, about 50% of respondents believe that the radio’s products aired and presented before the elections helped them in making an informed choice.

Elections 2020 -Your Future is in Your Hands  

Elections 2020 – 2021 – Your Future is in Your Hands

Talk show “Elections 2021”

The Community Media Association was founded in 2013 and brought together 24 local community media from all seven oblasts of Kyrgyzstan. The community media are made up of active members of the community – local teachers, professionals, young people, and school children, who report on local events, problems and regularly address the local authorities for accountability and transparency on the decisions and plans.

The Community Media Association implemented the grant project “Every voice is a contribution to the future of Kyrgyzstan” in order to provide voters with comprehensive information on the elections and help people make an informed electoral choice. From September 2020 until January 2021, the Community Media Association produced and disseminated a number of informative audio clips and information cards on the elections process to cover the rights and responsibilities of voters, the importance of informed and honest choice, the consequences of vote buying, electoral procedures in times of pandemic. Audio programs were aired through community radio stations and community loudspeakers in the villages. Informative cards have been published on the web resource kyrgyzmedia.kg and have also been distributed through social networks and messengers in 24 villages, municipalities, and cities in Kyrgyzstan. 

Please, check out some of the media products at the following links:

Election 2020: What will the election process be like?

Election 2020: If you do not go to the polls…

Election 2020: Voting Requirements

Sanitary safety of citizens at polling stations during the pandemic is maintained in the regions

Online newspaper “Novye Liza” was founded in 2014 and covers socio-political and economic topics in Russian and Kyrgyz languages. The grant project “Parliamentarism in Kyrgyzstan: from pre-election promises to real changes” produced a wide range of journalistic material on the parliamentary elections and helped voters make an informed electoral choice. Moreover, during the protests that followed the October 2020 polls, the project produced numerous video interviews with experts’ analyses, as well as analytical articles and photo reports. Also, “Novye Lica” launched a separate video programme “Hidden Meanings,” which analyzed the political events. Please, check out some of the media products at the following links:

Poll of leaders of political parties Part I

Poll of leaders of political parties Part II

Sania Toktogazieva: “It is difficult for a woman to defend the Constitution in Kyrgyzstan”

“Hidden Meanings”. Issue 2

AKIPress News Agency is the first independent news agency in the Kyrgyz Republic, publishing news stories about the latest developments in Kyrgyzstan in Kyrgyz, Russian and English languages.  

With the support of the Media Dialogue grant program, the media portal Active Voter was created on the basis of the AKIPress news portal, where photo and video content highlighting the importance of voting in the elections were collected and will be collected in the future. The content was made available in two languages – Kyrgyz and Russian. Regional correspondents from all seven regions of the country were recruited and trained on how to elaborate creative content and, as a result, platform users and voters were provided with journalistic content on and from their local community. This content raised awareness of the importance of participation in the electoral process among citizens. 

Please, check out some of the media products at the following links:

The elderly of the Panfilov region urged not to sell votes in the elections.

Elections to the Jogorku Kenesh: Who do people want to see in Parliament?

Elections 2020: Distance, masks, gloves. Voting rules in a pandemic.

Elections to the Jogorku Kenesh: Residents of Issyk-Kul region about future deputies.

Media school “Yntymak” was founded in 2016 to train active young people in journalistic reporting through new multimedia applications and interactive visualization of journalistic materials.

Within the frames of the grants program of the Media Dialogue project, the Media school implemented the project “Mobile Journalism – Fair Elections.” The project aimed at equipping regional journalists with skills on mobile journalism (MOJO) in Osh, Jalal-Abad, and Batken oblasts. As a result, training participants started using mobile devices in their work. They noted that the MOJO format is suitable for traditional and new media by speeding up information delivery and expanding media audiences. Also, journalists who have mastered MOJO became more mobile and could broaden the audience of the media products thanks to new skills of working in social networks. Throughout the electoral period, trained journalists produced 12 releases of the media product “Civil Control” in MOJO format, 16 caption videos, and a series of awareness-raising video products on elections and post-electoral political events.  

Please, check out some of the media products at the following links:

The epidemiological situation in the regions is deteriorating

Dissatisfaction of the secondary school teachers

How parliamentarism developed in the Kyrgyz Republic?

T-Media Group is a rapidly growing media in the south of Kyrgyzstan, which produces all the content in the Kyrgyz language and targets Batken, Zhalal-Abad, and Osh oblasts. It consists of the TMG TV Channel, “Zhash FM” Radio, and the website www.t-media.kg

Within the frames of the grants program of the Media Dialogue project, T-Media Group implemented the grant project “Quality of candidates – the quality of the Parliament” to support local voters in making informed electoral choices through series of articles and video materials “How Does the Party List Look Like?” and “Forgotten Promises.” 

Please, check out some of the media products at the following links:

Make informed choice

How can you find yourself on the voter list?

Do you remember the promises of the Kyrgyzstan party in 2015?

Towards White House. The most famous five candidates of the Mekenchil party

“Tentek” is an animation company founded in January 2019.

“Tentek” from the Kyrgyz language means bully, but in a good way. The founders of the animation studio want “Tentek” to make a difference and be at the forefront of the cultural revolution in Kyrgyzstan. “Tentek” is a profit-oriented organization, providing advertising services to businesses, but cultural and educational projects are implemented from its own budget. The main platform used by the studio is the Youtube channel.

As part of the grant component of the “Media Dialogue” project, “Tentek” will create 3 animation films of up to 4 minutes each. Through the videos, the company wants to draw attention to the pressing issues and problems of democracy, freedom and its absence in Kyrgyzstan and in the world, to initiate critical thinking in viewers and to encourage awareness through the demonstration of a visual alternative. Other episodes will deal with ecology and social structure of the society. The aim of the project is to sensitize citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic and Central Asia to the need for universal and basic principles of freedoms and to promote active citizenship through animation products.

Please check out some of Tentek’s media products at the following links:

History of Kyrgyzstan;

History of Kyrgyzstan 2.0;


Esten ketkis yrlar.

NEXT TV is a small but ambitious media project that aims to bring objective and unbiased information to the people of Kyrgyzstan. It has been operating since 2015, has a professional staff of up to 20 people, and the total number of subscribers in social networks (Facebook, Instagram and YouTube) is 425 thousand people. As part of the grant component of the “Media Dialogue” project, NEXT TV is implementing the Next Media Hub project, which aims to introduce new bloggers to the media market to increase attention to important social topics, including politics, democracy and society, in the Kyrgyz language. The 10 newly minted bloggers became the first members of the Media Hub and now work with Next TV, receiving professional support in producing socially relevant content, ranging from expertise from the best professionals in the market to access to equipment and a modern studio. Read the Media Hub materials here.

Production studio “TV Academy” is engaged in investigative journalism and cutting-edge social reports, produces commercials, and participates in educational projects. The studio has a Facebook page and a Youtube channel called Shaman TV.
As part of the grant component of the “Media Dialogue” project. “TV Academy implements the “Field Briefings” project. Its goal is to expand informational coverage of ordinary citizens, businesses, international organizations, diplomatic missions, government agencies, LSG bodies, NGOs, medical and educational institutions. It is also an opportunity for the media to receive up-to-date information for free through TV Academy channels using LiveU technology.

The New Media Public Foundation/Temirov Live team, an investigative project from Kyrgyzstan, conducts successful investigations and identifies corrupt connections, including through IT solutions.

Their experience in investigative journalism has allowed them to find many sources of information that will help both businesses and journalists in the future.

As part of the grant component of the Media Dialogue Project, “New Media” will create the TESKEP.com service to help businesses, civil society and the media. It will reduce the risks for organizations and citizens when making deals, as well as investigate open data. This project contributes to the monetization of “New Media” and the introduction of its new models in the media market of Kyrgyzstan.

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